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Ultraviolet Purifiers -

TOC Reduction with (UV) 185-NM Ultraviolet Purifiers

Organic carbon, which is measured as total organic carbon (TOC), is one of the many impurities present in water.  This impurity is found in water as either particulate organic matter, such as debris of vegetable and animal origin, microorganisms, and oily material, or in the form of soluble organic matter, such as fatty acids, organic acids, and nitrogenous matter {proteins, peptides and amino acids, sugars, dissolved organic gasses such as methane, and synthetic organic compounds}

It may be desirable to reduce or totally eliminate the TOC impurity in a water system.  For example, in the manufacture of high density semiconductor devices the defect density correlates with the level of TOC in a pure water stream.  Or, in the situation where groundwater has been contaminated with synthetic organic impurities in the water is unnecessary.  For these water treatment requirements, the selection of a 185-nanometer (NM) wavelength ultraviolet purifier may be the optimal choice.

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