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Water purification is often required to removed the dissolved solids from city water supplies and wells. 

Since the 1970's, reverse osmosis has been an accepted and cost effective means to produce high purity water from city water supplies and wells.

Many industrial facilities are unable to utilize city or well water as it is supplied.  The concentration of dissolved minerals (salts) cause spotting on parts that are rinsed.  This residue is responsible for many manufacturing quality control problems. 

In most cases, a typical reverse osmosis system will remove 99% of all dissolved contaminants.  This is usually accommplished without the aid of chemicals.  Consequently, there is no waste byproduct from the purification process.  The rejected flush water from the membrane is discharged to the drain at a no-net-gain with respect to contaminants.  The average water quality  produced by a reverse osmosis system is 100,000-200,000 microSiemens per centimeter (Ohms-cm).  This is equivalent to 2.5-5.0 parts per million (ppm).  Where additional quality is needed, a polishing system may be added to achieve targeted water quality of up to 18 Mega Ohms-cm.

This RO System has a dual carbon system for dechlorinating the inbound water, micro filtration for sediment, bisulfite injection to prevent bacteria build-up, reverse osmosis for removing dissolved solids, water storage, clean-in- place, repressurization and DI columns to elevate water quality.

Desalination of ocean water utilizing special high pressure RO systems is now the preferred method for obtaining water in many parts of the world.  Florida and California supplement a large portion of their water supply from public works desalination systems.  Over the years this technology has become a cost effective means to obtain inexpensive potable water.  Small scale systems are available and affordable for homeowners and boaters.